These values are at the core of the vision and commitment of the Fondation

The following values determine more specifically its strategy:


Providing that its founding vision is respected, the Fondation is broad-minded regarding its thematic area of focus and geographic region. This flexibility enables it to adapt better to the evolving needs of the world.

Self sufficiency

The Fondation supports projects whose impact is felt over the short, medium and long term in order to contribute to the self sufficiency of the beneficiaries.


Our relations with selected organisations are driven by a spirit of commitment, trust and shared professionalism.


To ensure that the supported projects have favourable outcomes, the Foundation listens to its partners and the realities of the actual situation in the field.

Sustainability is the core value of the Foundation

Underlying thread of our work, this is expressed at different levels:

  • choice of partner organisations
  • choice of projects/actions
  • founders’ wish to pass down on their commitment to make the world a better place for their descendants