Our identity

Empower people to regain sustained control over their lives


To be part of a social movement to enforce the rights of children, women and men.
To promote equality of opportunity.
To help to build a fairer and more humane world where everyone can achieve fulfilment and live in harmony with others, without facing fear, violence, abuse or extreme poverty. To be guided by the heart as we strive to achieve these goals. The Foundation believes in virtuous circles where someone who has been extended a helping hand will then offer a helping hand to another person in need, so that they can become master of their own destiny.


The Fondation helps populations facing great economic and social hardship by providing stepping stones to significant and lasting improvements in their living conditions and prospects in a preserved natural environment.


To select organisations working in the field which meet its vision, and to establish partnerships with them following two main criteria:

  • meeting immediate needs
  • leading to sustainable change

The work of the Fondation has no political, religious or governmental bias.

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