Our approach

Our approach: from concrete action to long term vision

Long term vision

To help relieve immediate needs by finding and favouring the means that will simultaneously enable the creation of sustainable change while facilitating the beneficiaries’ self sufficiency.


Concrete action

In addition to its financial support, the Fondation offers the following:


Our commitment means a direct involvement with the selected organisations. We wish to follow up the progress of our joint activities closely, in order, if necessary, to be able to change the strategy so as to ensure that the expected outcome is achieved.
Meeting the beneficiaries of these actions is also part of our approach. It enables us to assess the challenges that have to be met and the obstacles that must be overcome by both our partner and its beneficiaries.


Depending on our partners’ needs, we can contribute certain technical expertise.

Increased visibility

We increase our partner’s visibility by showcasing their activities on our website.


When relevant, we connect our partners to our professional network in the field of philanthropy.

The Fondation participates in projects where its approach and funds enable it to make a real difference.

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