Our Fields of Action


The Foundation has chosen to invest in a variety of fields of action, reflecting its sensitivity to a broad range of issues and its belief in the benefits of a holistic approach where possible.

Education is at the core of the Foundations’s concerns and commitments. Without education, individuals cannot fit into society, or participate in the development of society. The Foundation therefore supports numerous projects aimed at early childhood, childhood, adolescence and adulthood to combat exclusion and promote the harmonious development of individuals, their communities and their nations.

Children are innocent, vulnerable, trusting.
Our duty is to ensure that their rights are respected so that they retain this trust in life and in human beings.
What is more, children are our future. We must therefore ensure that their living conditions allow them to develop their potential.
The Foundation provides support to numerous projects working to help children to achieve fulfilment.

The status of women is often still difficult in today’s world – there is insufficient respect for women’s rights and insufficient recognition of their value.
Too many countries still favour men over women, reducing women to a minor role. Educated women become a vehicle for knowledge in their families and economic agents as powerful as men.
The Foundation is involved in actions to promote gender equality.

Every population should have access to preventative and curative health care services. To our mind, together with education and the protection of all human beings, this is one of the three key elements required for the optimum development of the individual.
The Foundation therefore provides support for medical programmes and projects.

Without water and more specifically without drinking water, people develop numerous diseases which prevent them from carrying out their various roles. They cannot work or look after their children and become a burden on society.
It is thus vital to provide communities with proper sanitation and guaranteed access to clean water.

Hospitals, schools, roads and bridges are all public infrastructures meeting basic needs. However, many states fail to develop sufficient infrastructures.
The Foundation also provides aid in this sector, since a lack of infrastructures can significantly hinder the development of a country.

Tackling a weakness, lack or issue in an isolated way is often not the best strategy. The Foundation values a multi-sector approach which looks at a situation from all the areas concerned.
The benefits of this approach are immense, as improvement in one sector has a knock-on effect on all the others.
The Foundation reserves the right to become involved in other fields of action, not mentioned here, but which spark interest or arise from meetings with other organisations.

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