Nos Engagements


This section showcases the organisations whose professionalism and humanity make it possible for the Albatros Foundation to achieve its mission.

The rationale behind this is as follows:

  • to increase the visibility of the organisations that have convinced us to commit to their cause
  • to generate interest from potential donors looking for high quality programmes and projects
  • to help any organisations wishing to submit a project to us to understand the type of projects and/or programmes that appeal to us.

There is a downloadable fact sheet for each organisation. The fact sheet explains the reasons for our choice and identifies three values shared by our partner which contributed to our decision to become involved and to the success of the partnership.

To access the list of our partners click here. To view by field of action click here.

Today, many organisations adopt a holistic approach, convinced that all the different aspects of a problem should be addressed simultaneously. For this reason, the organisations set out in this section may appear in more than one field of action.

We are always happy to share our experience with respect to the programmes we are involved in and are open to donor partnership.


The information set out in these pages relates to the period of partnership between the Albatros Foundation and the organisation concerned. As the partnership may now have ended, the information may no longer be up-to-date.

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